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Starting Your Day Well with a Gratitude Practice

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I’ve been really impressed with the power of gratitude practices to help build resiliency in myself and others. We’ve recently introduced a gratitude practice and explorations page in the Flow Workbook (it’s just before Week 1 starts), which I am using myself this month! I’ve also built it into my morning routine and it’s been helping me start my days really well, by starting my day with the song Gratitude - by VNV Nation.

I talk about this in detail in this Medium article. The key takeaways are:

  • Beginning your day with an attitide of gratitude rather than regret is a much more powerful way to start your day
  • This shift in attitude is instantly empowering as you shift from frustration or fear to gratitude for the challenges you are facing
  • Questioning is a powerful tool for learning and growth, but without an attitude of gratitude for this, it can be hard to face or seek out
  • It gives you the power to live not in an imagined world, but to live in the best possible way in the actual world.

You still need to use this mindfully, as we know that one of the harms of positive psychology is that the unquestioning embrace of suffering can lead to a lack of action in changing what should be changed. So ground your acceptance of difficulty in the understanding that you are worthy, and use that to fight for something better - for yourself, for those around you, and those who will come after you,

Feel free to read more here.

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