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We help people and organizations, who are trying to make a difference, thrive and flourish.

Narath Carlile

Founder, Lead Designer/Trainer/Coach

Narath Carlile - Founder, Lead Designer/Trainer/Coach

Narath is the visionary and founder of MakeTimeFlow, and also a practicing physician and healthcare innovator in Boston.

Since his early days working with patients, Narath has been thinking about human flourishing and how a person might achieve the ‘good life’. The challenges are many, but he identified our use of time and the direction of one’s focus as two key catalysts for thriving in life.

In 2020 Narath co-founded MakeTimeFlow with his wife, producer Heli Tuomi. After a sold-out Kickstarter, they began developing the Flow platform at the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) and the Harvard iLab. Today, the Flow way is an evolving project in expanding human flourishing through cognitive high performance, and available for paid membership as of late 2023.

Narath is originally from South Africa and studied in Canada. He holds a BS in CompSci from York, MD from Dartmouth, and MPH from Harvard. His expertise is in internal medicine, global health & social equity, clinical informatics, and health innovation. He is a surfer - even in New England waters - and travels with no less than two duffel bags of books.

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Heli Tuomi

Co-founder, CXO

Heli Tuomi - Co-founder, CXO

Heli is co-founder and CXO (Chief Experience Officer) of MakeTimeFlow.

She brings over 23 years of global project development and interactive learning experience design with some of the world’s best-known organizations, including the IOC, World Expo, governments and cultural institutions, and Fortune 500 clients FedEx and Fidelity.

Originally from Finland but raised on British Columbia’s foggy Sunshine Coast, Heli holds an MA in Journalism from University of Western Ontario and a BAH in Film Studies from Queen’s University at Kingston. Today she calls Boston home. Her golden time includes reading constantly, traveling often, and enjoying being a mom to many species.